Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanks to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother

Saying "thank you" is a very common phrase that we probably use and hear everyday. It's just two simple words that can express our gratitude towards someone for something they did. I say it all the time when someone holds the door for me, or when the salt that is on the dinner table is out of reach and is handed to me, or when a friend gives me a ride somewhere. There are many different situations when we say "thank you" not even really realizing it, somehow it becomes second nature and the words come out of our mouth without even really feeling the gratitude we are trying to express. But when someone does something for us in a moment that is critical for our needs and well being, when they go above and beyond there own limits even forgetting themselves and sacrafice something for us, the words "thank you" take on a whole different meaning. In our lives, the people who do this the most for us usually is our parents. Even though we do not realize it when we are young, are parents from the day we are born give themselves up and sacrafice their body, mind, heart and soul for the life of there children. They work endless hours and have sleepless nights to take care and provide for us. They go through the burden of seeing us sometimes fall only to be there to try to pick us up. When we are wrong the patiently try to teach us what is right. Anyone who is a parent knows the daily sacriafice it takes to raise a child. But how much more should we say "Thank you" to our Heavenly Father and Mother who is the reality of our physical parents sacrafice. Sometimes as a child of God I feel like the little kid who does not realize the sacrafice and love of his parents. As I continue to grow in the truth of God learning about my Heavenly Father and Mother I am starting to understand it and the words "Thank you" seem to be on my lips more and more even though they seem to be inadequate. Words can not express the gratitude I want to show to my Heavenly Father and Mother who sacrafice themselves to give me eternal life and lead me to the kingdom of heavean. However I will continue to say "Thank you Father and Mother for everything you do for me".

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