Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There are so many mysteries in the Bible!!

Ok, so I finally got to go to the World Mission society church of God, after having to cancel so many appointments due to the weather! But finally I got to go on Monday, and I was truly amazed. I think I got the chills during a bible study, that's how amazing it was! The first thing I learned about was how everyone on this earth was a heavenly being an angel! Can you believe it?! This was really amazing to me because when I was a little girl I felt like I could have been and angel from Heaven or something. It was confirmed to me that I really was an angel from heaven, through the bible. I am not gonna lie... it did sound like a fairy tale at first, like something magical but, I saw it in the Bible. I don't think I have ever been in a church like World Mission Society Church of God! It makes absolute sense for everyone to know why we are on the earth in the first place. Where do we come from? I figure, if we don't where we came from, how do we know where we are going?

Ok so let me break down the study... In the bible, they explained that we were angels in heaven and we sinned so we were cast down to the earth where we have to suffer alot like we are in jail. This made alot of sense to me. HONESTLY, MY FAVORITE PART WAS UNDERSTANDING WHY JESUS DIED FOR OUR SINS. I didnt get it before, what is the point of him having to die, of him dying for us. Everyone says that he died for our sins but they don't know what sins, or why he says we are lost. Its like people have no clue! This church is really interesting, I am going to come and check it out more! I'll keep you posted