Friday, December 31, 2010

World Mission Society Church of God

So... In a few hours this year is gone and in comes 2011. Wow, the years really fly by, I think its about time for me to look for God. I mean, I have never been the church type of girl but for some reason, I think that God is really trying find me or rescue me or something.

For the past couple of months, randomly, people have been stopping me asking me if I have heard of Mother God. At first, I found that the thought of a Female God to be awesome and something interesting but I thought this was some kind of theological idea for school.

But every time another person approached me about "Mother God" I think i got the point that it was in the bible and it is very important. I seriously began to feel like God was really looking for me because someone would always stop me telling me that God the Mother wants to give me eternal life, but not here but in heaven or something.

Last week, a really nice girl told me again about Mother God, so I finally asked her what church is this, and she said it the World Mission Society Church of God. I got her number and I am gonna go to this church and see about Mother God who wants to give me eternal life. Maybe this new year will be different, maybe i will make God a part of my life. Maybe in 2011 i will be part of World Mission society church of God. I guess only time will tell, I just really hope that this is true and that it really means something. I'll keep you posted!