Friday, October 2, 2009

Be protected by becoming a Child of God- WMC

It amazes me how time has changed since I was a child, everyone seem to get more violent, the weapons of mass destruction are terrifying to even think of them, and what’s more nature seem to not be able to keep up with everything.

There’s constant war cry and people around us seems to get irritated out of nothing, what’s wrong with our world? Before I was able to go outside and play with my friends at the park but nowadays parents don’t dare to allow their kids to go alone because something really bad will happen to them. Currently, in a matter of days, the earth has been reacting aggressively; today, I read several headlines that are related to natural disaster (i.e. mud river hit Sicilian City, deadly earthquake in Indonesia, Typhoon in Philippines, etc). As time progresses, the amount of natural disaster have been increasing more frequently.

Everything seems to be going chaotic and no one has the power to control all the events. In this time of danger, who can only save us? It’s easy to just get caught up with personal matters and not think of our world and society, but in really the world seem to be getting more and more dangerous to live in.

It’s funny how Hollywood is preparing our mentality to expect the worst, as recently many movies are being released relating to the year of 2012; we also have Discovery and History channels host documentaries related to this matter; and while walking on 42nd St in NYC a big sign said “ WE WERE WARNED Search: 2012”. The reality is that we live in a world that everything has a beginning and an end, and the planet Earth can’t last forever, the question is… how soon will this end? Is there a way to be saved?

I use to be afraid of death, the end or the year 2012 were terrifying news to me. I always wanted death to have a solution, but I realized that I can’t seek God when it’s convenient to me but if I have a close relationship with God I will receive protection and my soul will be comfort. The problem was that I didn’t know how to go about it.

I realized that I seek for God’s help in time of danger, but why not seek God now? (I asked myself). Later someone from World Mission Society Church of God talked to me about all these thoughts and told me about the promise from God is eternal and no one can break such promise. No human can save us in time of disaster, only God; the promise of God is Eternal Life (1Jn2:25) and to receive it we must first be a born of God (1 Jn5:18) through Water and Spirit (Jn3:5), which means baptism (1Pet3:21) and Passover (Jhn6:53-63, Mat26:17-28). God promise to protect me in time of floods and fire, times of hunger and war, in all situations (Isa43:1-4) because God is my Spiritual Father and Mother. It just makes sense, just like when I was a child my parents were the ones always protecting me in all situations and now that my soul is in danger, now my Spiritual Parents are here to protect me.