Friday, November 27, 2009

Church of God World Mision Society

A litte over a year ago, one day while I was shopping in the mall someone approached me and asked me if I had ever heard about the existence of Heavenly Mother in the bible. At the time, even though I believed in God I had stopped going to church because I realized many of the things I was being taught somewhat contradicted other parts of the bible that was not being shown to me and did not explain all the questions I had about God. I mean there are 66 books of the bible with many teachings, stories, parables, prophecies, etc. Yet when I went to church it seemed that we only touched on a fraction of what was actually in the bible. This made me feel that the pastor was not telling me everything or that he did not know, most likely I thought he did not know, either way I felt it was wrong and God was not in the churches I was etending, so I distanced myself from church and was seeking God on my own and even started to have doubts about God. So when the couple that approached me in the mall asked me about Heavenly Mother, a female image of God, I was very hesitant because of my previous experience with churches, but it was something I never heard or thought about before so I gave them my time to listen. They asked me if they could show me in the bible, I thought this is atually in the bible? Yes, please show me! They took me to the very first page of the bible and showed me Genesis 1:26 were God who speaking in pluaral forms said that male and female were made in the image of God. I had read Genesis before but somehow never realized this point, but it was there and it was true, God said male and female was made from the very image of God. I thought to myself why didn't I realized this, God's meticulous thought of creation was not done without any reason but surely God had a plan from the beginning when he created man and for that matter woman also. It made perfect sense to me, God said male and female were made in the image of God, that is why we call God our father, it is a male image, then if there is a female image of God which accordng to Genesis there should be, it made perfect since we should also have a mother. Afterall, we are children of God, God is our father, then this is a family system, common sense told me, yes we should have a mother. For the first time I felt like God is more simple than we think and I was truely excited. Then I wondered why was this never shown to me and if it is on the first page of the bible, how much more is there that I did not realize before. They contined to show me more evidence through the bible and it was amazing.
Ever since that day I have been going to the Church of God were I have been learning so many about the bible that was never shown to me before. I truely feel that God is in this church because I now understand God and his plan of salvation which I never understood before. All the questions I had about God and the bible have been answered through the bible and I continue to learn more things everyday. I can only hope that more people come to the church of God and recieve all the blessings that God has bestowed on me.

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